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Start creating content that pierces through the noise, generates a massive following, and motivates prospects to buy from you right now.

This expansive 154-page digital playbook — packed with tips, techniques, and examples — reveals the exact strategies and step-by-step processes for converting attention into audience growth and sales.

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“Just wanna say, used your template today,
and got 3 sales calls booked from it in the first 20 mins and a ton of free newsletter subs. Thank you 🙏”

Jordan Vickery

Co-founder & Marketing Director, Troika

Thousands of people use my frameworks and tips to accelerate their growth

"AWESOME guide dude! Super clear, logical advice. I read it word for word. I love it. Gonna be putting this into play ASAP and I will let you know the outcome. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate you."

Dan Moran

Head of Content,

"I started posting seriously in April after taking Devin Reed’s course and gained about 700 followers in 4 months"

Danilo Vuk Capric

Sr Account Executive, Databricks

"Thanks for sharing all your tips, Devin. Your newsletters and content course are gold! 💪"

Patrik Longauer

Content Manager, Heylink

"The Content Strategy Reeder is the only newsletter I read religiously because each and every one of them teaches me something awesome. Thank you!!"

Aviva Spotts

Client Marketing Manager, Atera

"I have a 30-min block on Saturday mornings just to read Devin Reed’s newsletter."

Amanda Smith

Strategic Lead and Producer, Share Your Genius

"I was struggling for a long time to come up with interesting content that's valuable to my audience while differentiating my business and positioning myself as a unique expert in my industry. Devin completely changed the game. After just 1 call I came away with at least half a year's worth of unique content ideas, and a strategy on how to distribute it all to grow my audience, nurture prospective customers, and build my email list. With Devin's help I'm confident I'll be able to hit the next level of growth in my business."

Stephen Pope

Founder, Instinct Animation

"Been following you for years now - appreciate all the helpful, thoughtful content. Love how you both give us a fish (solid email template we can use in any industry) and teach us how to fish (how you came up with it). Eternally grateful."

Phillip Clukies

Solutions Architect, CadActive Technologies

"Your newsletter is literally the only one I read. Each weekend. Like clockwork. Keep up the great work."

Justin Welsh

Founder, Justin Welsh

"You helped me realize that people DO care about what I have to say, and that posting on LI isn't really that daunting, you just have to follow a formula."

Mallorie Raymond-Maranda

VP Sales, WorkRamp

"The Reeder by Devin Reed is amazing."

Clare Dobson

VP Marketing, Abstrakt

"Devin’s process driven approach helped us to not only develop a remarkable content strategy - but also a framework to make sure it was syndicated across all talent and channels."

Chris Merrill

CRO, Sell Better

"One of my favorite newsletters! Always excited to see it in my inbox"

Peyton Walbeck

Head of Marketing, Nectar

"Working with you has been like night and day! From understanding how LinkedIn works and mapping out our strategy that fits within our goals to creating content and our voice on the LI platform, having your guidance and expertise was a game-changer for me. I now feel more confident in our LinkedIn plan and growth. Thank you so much."

Fara Rosenzweig

Head of Content, WorkRamp

"I learned a TON of valuable insights and advice on maximizing my LinkedIn reach. Devin's 10 writing prompts help me overcome writer's block about what to post. This course is so valuable that I'm now requiring my Georgetown students to complete it as part of our Startup Internship Seminar program."

Mike Malloy

Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University

"Devin is among the world's premier content strategists."

Eddie Shleyner


"Devin has taken our content strategy to the next level. I couldn't recommend him more highly."

Tommy McNulty

Founder & VP Sales

"Your stuff is helping me (and my team) SO much. Thank you for sending this out."

Adam O’Brien

Director of Product & Growth Marketing, GoodUnited

"You have made an immense impact on the team's direction and vision by demystifying their path forward…I came away impressed by your perspective on business, marketing and content consumption."

Santosh Sharan


"Thank you, and awesome work with that course! Concise, straightforward, and actionable... Loved it!"

Chris Dankowski

Revenue Strategist, Salesloft

"Devin helped my LinkedIn reach nearly double. Using his "Build vs. Optimize" framework, we've quickly identified the best opportunity to optimize my LinkedIn content and fixed it. The best part? A perfect-fit customer booked a call with our team to learn how we can work together. Excited to see how far I can take this. Thanks Devin!"

Jakub Zajicek

CEO, Speak on Podcasts

"Devin, first off, love your stuff. Seriously. When people throw out ‘write valuable content’, you’re one of the few who does it always, in all ways."

Ron Latz

VP Sales & Customer Success, Mockingbird Marketing

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Launch, Grow, and Scale Your Content Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Warning: This is NOT your typical “marketing book” that takes forever to read and never makes a dent in your right-now goals.

This digital playbook has 30 mini chapters carefully written to be easily read, understood, and applied that day — so you see results in hours not weeks.

Here’s a small taste of what’s inside Content That Converts:

Part 1

Tactics for creating fascinating content that seizes attention and pulls buyers toward you like an industrial magnet

  • My 3-part formula for producing highly-engaging content every single time for any channel or audience. Page 15.
  • How to create irresistible examples that sell for youinstead of “hard selling” or “pitching slapping.” Page 29.
  • The “three C’s” for calls to action that convert like crazy. Page 37.
  • Two formulas for writing irresistible titles that readers can’t help but click. Page 41.
  • Three ways to stand out, grab attention and keep it — without using gimmicks. Page 53.

Plus much more…

Part 2

Email writing tips that get you more opens, clicks, and conversions than Amazon’s Black Friday deals

  • Two expert techniques for writing un-ignorable subject lines. Page 59.
  • 25 “mystery” subject lines you can steal to immediately increase your open rates. Page 61.
  • Seven LinkedIn Inmail dos and don’ts that turn cold outbound into warm meetings. Page 78.
  • 11 Messaging "triggers" that spark conversations, book more meetings, and build qualified pipeline. Page 82.
  • The same 10 email A/B test I used to boost open rates and clicks multiple times. Page 85.

Plus much more…

Part 3

Surefire ways to go viral on LinkedIn, explode your follower count, and convert readers into customers

  • 10 tips for writing viral LinkedIn posts Page 92.
  • Why you should NEVER let your employer own your LinkedIn profile. Page 109.
  • A proven LinkedIn post template for boosting engagement and sparking inbound meetings. Page 113.
  • A timeless content play that attracts followers while building trust and credibility. Page 116.
  • How to publish a content series that grows audience and produces evergreen assets. Page 124.

Plus much more…

Plus BONUS chapters that cover mindset and mental models
that will keep you motivated on your content journey

  • The four best advice I ever got while onboarding a new marketing job. Page 135.
  • How to “rewire” your brain to have more positive self-talk. Page 137.
  • The #1 most important part of your content strategy — that even the most veteran marketers forget. Page 139.
  • My 3-part “consistency” framework to scale your results. Page 141.
Get instant access for $149

This playbook is ONLY for you if…

  • You want to be a better and faster writer
  • You are eager to become more creative
  • You want to use content to grow or scale your business
  • You want tactics you can use now and immediately see results
  • You want to build a respected brand, personal or company, with engaging content
  • You’re a marketer, entrepreneur, seller, or freelancer and want to accelerate your results and career

But if you said no to every bullet, then definitely do NOT buy. 

But if you found yourself nodding to the list above…

Get instant access for $149

BONUS: Get 5 “Quick Start” LinkedIn Templates

Immediately after checkout, you’ll also receive my new LinkedIn Growth Guide, which includes the exact post templates I used to grow my LinkedIn audience to 74,000+.

Get instant access for $149

Yo! I’m Devin.

I’m a SaaS content marketing leader, advisor, the Founder of The Reeder — my weekly newsletter and side hustle, and now the author of Content That Converts. Inside I reveal many of the strategies and tactics I used to...

  • Grow Gong’s acclaimed brand and content strategy from $20M to $220M ARR, fueling its multi-billion-dollar valuation
  • Solidify my reputation as B2B tech’s leading content strategist  
  • Blast my side hustle, The Reeder, into a six-figure business with five revenue streams, 100% inbound
  • Become a sought-after advisor and thought partner to some of the world’s fastest-growing and most intriguing companies (Notion, AudiencePlus, Wiz, and more)
  • Produce multiple courses, guides, and templates that have helped thousands of B2B professionals

But I wrote this digital playbook for ONE reason:

Creating “content that converts” will forever change your career, earning potential, and self-confidence.

I know because I’ve experienced this myself.

Now I’m sharing many of my “secrets” so you can grow your content, brand, and revenue. Simply by turning your ideas into content your audience LOVES to read.


Who specifically is this course for?

Marketers, entrepreneurs, sellers, and creators who want to use content to get attention, grow your audience, and drive sales.

What exactly will I learn?

Every word is designed to teach you how to use content to grow your results, career, and bank account. There are timeless content marketing principles, LinkedIn-specific lessons, plus email tactics that reveal:

  • How to earn (and keep) attention online
  • How to turn ideas into highly engaging content
  • How to use content to build a loyal audience
Why should I pay for this playbook?

You should only buy if you’re serious about investing in yourself.

Typically the only way to get this level of detail would be to hire me full time or as an advisor. That’s why I say this playbook is easily worth thousands. Probably more. But I’m pricing it MUCH less than that because my goal is to HELP people.

That’s why I’m pricing this playbook at a (very) modest $149.

Who are you?

My name is Devin Reed. I'm a 2x Head of Content (Gong, Clari), SaaS advisor, Founder of The Reeder, and a newsletter writer. I’ve grown my LinkedIn audience from 0 to 74,000+ and used content to generate millions in revenue for B2B companies.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yep. If you read the playbook and don’t love it for any reason, I will issue you a prompt 100% refund.